Business Startup Advice

Let’s work together to get your new business off the ground. As long as you have enthusiasm and skills, and services or products that your customers need, I can help you start a successful business from scratch.

I have great experience in helping business startups; quite often helping ordinary people go from unemployment to self employment with the help of various Universal Credit schemes.

As part of my Business Startup Consultation, I will take you through a simple startup plan that is designed to make you think ahead, plan ahead and avoid the pitfalls.

Business Startup Areas

  • Your Products or Services?
  • Who are Your Customers?
  • How to reach your customers?
  • Your Competitors?
  • Sales and marketing skills?
  • Business and finance skills?
  • Business Location?
  • Funds to get started?
  • Progress Indicators?

Let Your Government Help You Startup Your Business

If you’ve ever been unemployed and looking for work over a longer period, you’ll know that the Department of Work and Pensions can make life a bit difficult for you.
By far the easiest solution is to give them what they want. And all they want is to get you off their case. You can continue to claim Universal Credit when you become self-employed and start a small business. No matter how little you earn from your self-employment, they will continue to pay you.