Comparing Accounting Prices

Prospective clients usually ask what our charges will be for specific services. But there are many variables that dictate how much work needs to be done.

Don’t get suckered!

You can often see adverts like: “We can do your Self Assessment Tax Return for £125.00”. And so can we, if you have been using our accounts software and importing your bank transactions and inputting your cash transactions. Then we just have to check that you have categorised your transactions correctly, the software does the adding up, then we submit your tax return and collect an easy £125.00

The reason why companies run these ads is because they know that the vast majority of their clients will not have done all the work required; there will also be things to be added and things to be removed. You end up paying much more than £125, but once you’ve agreed their terms, it’s too late.

The GOOD things that keep your accounting costs down:-

  • Get a dedicated business bank account and keep your business and personal finances separate.
  • Make sure that you have online banking and you can download a CSV file of your transactions.
  • If you are competent, use a spreadsheet or accounts software package to import your bank transactions and manually enter your cash transactions.

The BAD things that cause higher charges:-

  • Lots of CASH Income and Expenses: Everything has to be separated and manually entered into a spreadsheet or scanned into accounts software. This means that a lot of time is taken before accounting can get started.
  • No Separate Bank Account: You’ve been using your personal bank account for both personal and business transactions. This means that someone has to go through all your bank transactions and exclude all your personal ins and outs. This takes up a lot of time before accounting can get started.
  • Mixed Content Purchases: You spent £60.25 at an Esso fuel station, but of the £60.25, £12.50 was for cigarettes and £3.75 was for a can of coke and a sandwich. So one receipt needs to be manually split into three items before accounting can get started.

Let us do your bookkeeping

If you’ve got the time and skills to do your own bookkeeping, that’s great. But most businesses either don’t have the time or don’t have the skills.

We can provide all your accounting needs including regular monthly or quarterly bookkeeping, business summaries and all your Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT Returns and PAYE Payroll. All for a fixed monthly fee. Prices start from only £45 per month for a single self-employed business.

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Our Price Ranges

Based on Good and Bad (above).
Annual AccountsAll GoodAll Bad
Self Assessment for Self-Employed Individuals SA103S (less than £85k)£125£725
Self Assessment for Self-Employed Individuals SA103F (more than £85k)£250£1,250
Self Assessment for UK Property Individuals SA105£200£800
Self Assessment Partnership SA800 (Trading)£125£725
Self Assessment Partnership SA801 (UK Property)£200£800
Self Assessment Each Partner SA104£40£40
UK Limited Company CT600 (Corporation Tax)£500£1,500
UK Limited Company Companies House Filing£100£100
Self Assessment for Each Company Director SA101 (Dividends) & SA102 (Employment)£100£100
VAT Returns *
Quarterly VAT Return (up to 240 transactions)£120£360
Quarterly VAT Return (up to 480 transactions)£200£600
* If we’re already doing your annual accounts assume ‘All Good’
PDF Wage Slips and FPS per employee (up to 6)£6.00N/A
PDF Wage Slips and FPS per employee (up to 20)£4.00N/A
P45 Issue and Processing£10.00N/A
PDF P60 Annual per employee (up to 6)£20.00N/A
PDF P60 Annual per employee (up to 20)£13.00N/A