Payroll Services & FPS Returns

PAYE Payroll Service

I offer a comprehensive payroll service for small businesses. All I need is once a month figures for each employee on your payroll.

For what used to be known as ‘Salaried’ staff members all that is required is their annual salary which remains set until changed. If you have staff on monthly salaries who earn bonuses or get paid for overtime, I will need the amount of bonus and/or the number of overtime hours.

For hourly paid workers I need each employee’s hourly rate, the number of hours worked, overtime hours worked and (if different) the overtime rate.

I am very familiar with most payroll software packages in common use, and will be able to work with your existing software, if required.

Whatever software we use, it will be able to perform the monthly Full Payment Submission (FPS) required to be submitted to HMRC via communication with HMRC servers. This is part of the ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative.

My normal procedure is to give a list of employee payments to be made and a set of wage slips to be distributed, either in print or via email. If you wish, we can do the payslip distribution to your employees, leaving you just to make the bank transactions according to the list we provide.

P60 and P45 Outputs

As part of my complete payroll service, I also provide end of year P60’s for each of your employees, and P45’s whenever required. P60’s are delivered either in paper form or by email and can also be distributed directly to your employees, if you wish.

P60’s are available approximately 6 weeks after the end of each tax year (later in May) and P45 are available within one working day of request.