Self Assessment: Hands on Help

I am very lucky to have a small but loyal client list of more than thirty local small businesses and self-employed individuals who rely on me to complete their Self Assessment Returns.

I’m happy to work with you, either as your official Self-Assessment Tax Agent, or on a more casual basis, just giving information and guidance.

I am registered with HMRC as an Agent for Self-Assessment and over the years I have completed or assisted with more than 250 self assessments.

Self Assessment Hands on Help
Self Assessment for Individuals

Self Assessment for Individuals ...

The main SA100 Form is a general form that everybody has to complete, but there are additional ‘Supplementary Pages’ that have to be completed depending upon how you earn your income.

For example: SA102 – Employment, SA103 – Self-employment, SA104 Partnerships, SA105 – UK Property.

I provide hands on help to get your Self Assessment Tax Forms completed. This is always done in a way that maximises your earnings, but also keeps you on the right side of HMRC’s regulations.

Partnership Tax Returns

If you earn an income as a partner in a partnership you still have to submit an individual SA100 Tax Return. But the Partnership also has to submit a SA800 Partnership Tax Return.

Although the SA800 Partnership Tax Return includes a section on Trading and Professional Income, this is for businesses who trade as a partnership, i.e. they buy and sell goods, or provide services.

But you may also need to complete supplementary pages; SA801 – UK Property, if you are part of a partnership that earns income from property, SA802 – Foreign, if you earn income from abroad, and SA804 – for income from Saving & Investments.

Self Assessment for Partnerships