Getting your Transactions Data to Me

I have many clients who do their own bookkeeping and rely on me just to check over what they’ve done and make amendments where necessary. This is done using software such as FreeAgent, Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, FM Accounts or some other suitable software.

The software allows you to enter transactions manually and/or import your transactions from a CSV file that you can download from your bank, or create a link to your bank account(s) that will import your transactions automatically.

Many clients want to do their own bookkeeping using spreadsheet files rather than accounting software. Where so, I provide stencil spreadsheet files for my clients to fill in and email them back to me at regular intervals. The transactions data on the spreadsheet is then imported into suitable software for tax and VAT returns.

But I also have many clients who choose not to do their own bookkeeping and require me to do it for them. In this case I setup software for them and also use it on their behalf. In this case you need to either; a) link the software to your bank accounts, or b) download a CSV file from your internet banking at regular intervals and email it to me.

In order for me to do your end of year accounts, tax returns and VAT returns, I need information about the money you have been paid and the money you have spent. This allows me to work out your profits and that affects how much tax you will have to pay. If you are VAT registered, I need this same information to work out how how much VAT you need to pay.

Cash & Credit Card Transactions

Bear in mind that links to your bank and downloaded CSV files will not include transactions carried out by other methods such as cash or by a Credit Card (or via a different bank account). It is possible that you will be able to get additional CSV files from your Credit Card provider or other bank accounts, but cash transactions need to be manually input into your software or onto spreadsheets. Where you have cash transactions, it’s important to keep copies of your receipts and invoices. In the case of cash receipts, this is all the proof you will have.