CSV Files Download Restrictions

Bank CSV Files: Download Restrictions You would think that banks would allow you to download any of your transactions whenever you require … unfortunately this is not the case. Some banks and building societies impose restrictions on the dates and transaction numbers of the CSV files that you can download. Here are some examples:- Limited […]

Comparing Accounting Prices

Prospective clients usually ask what our charges will be for specific services. But there are many variables that dictate how much work needs to be done. Don’t get suckered! You can often see adverts like: “We can do your Self Assessment Tax Return for £125.00”. And so can we, if you have been using our […]

Getting your Transactions Data to Us

In order for us to do your accounts, we need information about the money you have been paid and the money you have spent. This allows us to work out your profits and therefore how much tax you will have to pay. If you are VAT registered, we need this same information to work out […]

Do I Need to Register for VAT

Do I really need to register for VAT? HMRC Guidance states that you must register for VAT within one month of your turnover (or total sales) exceeding £85,000 or if you expect your turnover to exceed £85,000 within the next thirty days. The language is straightforward, but in practice you must monitor your annual turnover […]

Can HMRC Access My Bank Account

Can HMRC access my Bank Account? Since June of 2021 when the Finance Act 2021 was passed, the answer is ‘yes’. HMRC can access the bank account of anyone that they suspect of tax evasion or tax fraud. HMRC can issue a ‘Financial Institution Notice’ that requires a third party, such as a bank or […]

Best Company Structure

What is the best company structure for my business? In the UK there are only four options for a company legal structure, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. However there are a great number of misconceptions about the relative merits of some of the company types that you can choose for your […]